Swimming Pool Leak Detection Service - Midland - Perth Western Australia
Replacement and Supply of skimmer box's; All Types
1, Fibre-glass Pools
2, Liner-ed concrete Pools
3, Concrete tiled Pools, Pebble Crete

We can conduct the excavation and cut of concrete surround slabs if required.

Blockages and cavitation;
Utilizing sonar systems we can pin point Blockages with under ground pluming systems.

Plumbing repairs and replacement;
We conduct any type of Plumbing repairs.

Fibre-Glass repairs and gel coats;
Able to drain, Brace and conduct Fiberglass repairs to swimming pools in-house.

Scuba Dive Tech Qualified;
Equipped to conduct underwater repairs in all weather Winter and Summer with under water drills and tools. Under water Divers can conduct underwater testing and repairs using a range of Plugs, Fittings and underwater adhesives.

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